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AvonAvon's original moniker and laboratory were established in 1897. Years later, Avon introduced a line of anti-aging products to the world and became a leader in the cosmetic industry.

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During its 120-year history, Avon's product line has been expanded greatly. Today it includes hair care products, body skin care, facial skin care, makeup and fragrances. In the last five years, Avon has created some wonderful new skin care formulas for men and children. If you're having difficulties finding specific Avon products, check with a company represntative or research the product online to make sure it hasn't been discontinued.

Many people think of Avon as purely a cosmetics company. However, the Avon catalogue also features jewelry, children's toys, books, videos and seasonal gifts. Thanks to almost five million representatives all over the world, Avon has turned into the world's largest direct seller. Its various products are available to consumers of all skin types in more than 100 countries.

In 1989, Avon Product Inc. was proud put a stop to animal testing. Each year Avon boasts more than one billion customer transactions. In addition, Avon has collected over $350-million-dollars for breast cancer. Avon products can only be purchased through the internet or through an Avon Customer Service Representative. The price tags on Avon products are fairly inexpensive. For example, a 1.7-fluid-ounce bottle of Anew Clinical Line & Wrinkle Corrector Deluxe costs around $32 online.

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