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AstaraAstara Conscious Skin Care was first introduced in 1997 by Sun Star Dimension. Astara is owned by 1960's supermodel Sunny Griffin.

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The Astara product line contains a high percentage of pure botanical skin care made with the all-natural ingredients. Every ingredient is warmed below 103-degrees-Fahrenheit strictly to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Most of the ingredients used in Astara products are a formulated aloe base. Astara products are also infused with the botanical essences of a flower called the Andean Orchid flower as well. Astara believes that this combination of natural essences, sea minerals and other living botanicals, along with the new technologies can recover damaged skin by rejuvenating it from the inside, out.

Astara's products are known to be gentle and safe, and suitable for daily use on any type of skin. Most of Astara skin care products are only available through high-end spas, dermalogical facilities and professional salons in the U.S, Europe and Australia. However, you may find Astara products for sale online. If you're having trouble getting your Astara fix online their website features a toll free number that allows you to order directly from their product catalogue.

All Astara skin care products are animal and environmentally friendly. Astara uses cobalt blue glass packaging in order to further protect and preserve its products. Astara's unique skin care products are quite a bit more expensive than other leading brands. For example, one bottle of Astara antioxidant rich moisturizer made for dry or aging skin (a 2.2-ounce bottle), starts at $55 online.

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