Spa Products

Spas products were used thousands of years ago by the ancient civilizations in order to heal wounds. The original spa product - mineral water - helped to heal the wounds and lesions of Roman soldiers. Spa became a social activity thanks to the Romans. Spa in Latin means "health from water".

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Today, spa services are available to the general public. Whenever you want to unwind a spa procedure will bathe you with a luxurious aromatic atmosphere. Spa products treat the skin with specialized bath salts and sloughing creams - depending on your personal needs. The spa massage is perhaps the most popular spa procedure. It massages tired muscles with mildly scented massage oils. If you want an at-home spa experience (or own a small spa) you can save money by purchasing your products wholesale.

More popular spa products include bath and shower washes and gels, shower scrubs, mineral salts, exfoliators, mud masks, body creams and deep moisturizing lotions. Spa products with various herbal extracts can purify, relax and invigorate skin cells and revitalize tired skin.

Day spas, medical spas and connoisseur spas are the most frequented, but you can also make a spa day at home by applying mashed avocado all over your body. Recently, wine spas and vinotherapy have popped up as the new spa trend. It is believed that wine can firm the skin and slow down the aging process. So pour some in your next bath to test out the newest spa fad.

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