Shaving Cream

Shaving CreamShaving cream and shaving gel are part of every male's wet shaving experience. Shaving gel and shaving cream work effectively to increase the wetness of the hair. Shaving cream traps a thin layer of moisture over the skin and lets the razor blade get close without leaving behind painful razor burn and nicks.

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In addition to helping men rid their faces of messy beards; women also shave their legs, underarms and bikini lines using shaving cream. For the smoothest shave around, shaving creams with natural herbal extracts - such as aloe vera, green tea, chamomile and other vitamins - are very gentle on the skin. Natural shaving creams and gels are also gentler on the skin and protect it better from razor damage and irritation.

The best place to shave is in the shower. Apply shaving cream onto the skin during, or right after, a hot water shower. The hot water will open the skin's pores and relax the muscles. After bathing the hair is always softer so the razor can glide easily over the skin. Shaving without shaving cream or gel is not recommended, because it won't remove the hair thoroughly. It also tends to leave behind chaffing and skin irritations. If you run out of shaving cream while shaving, don't worry, shampoo or hair conditioner are good substitutes for a short time.

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