Organic Skin Care

The Mother Earth has collected so many toxin chemicals. The skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It's constantly exposed to air pollutants and harsh chemicals found in cosmetics.

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Organic skin care products are made with certified organic ingredients. For herbs and vegetables, organic refers to plants that are grown without the use of man-made fertilizers or pesticides. Organic meat products refer to animals that were raised for human consumption - without the use of synthetic hormones. Like organic vegetables and meats found in our grocery stores, organic skin care products are also all natural and don't contain any chemicals or synthetic additives.

Organic Skin Care -products are made with certified organic ingredients Two of the most common ingredients used in organic skin products are grape seed oil and tea tree oil. Organic herbs cost more to produce; which explains the high price of organic skin care products. Fortunately, organic cosmetics with their natural scents are hydrating, bio-compatible, bio-dynamic and potent, so the skin absorbs them more readily and you need to use less. As a result, organic skin products are recommended to treat sensitive skin and aging dry skin. All the certified organic products have a green "USDA Organic" label. Before you purchase any organic skin care products, remember to look for this label.

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