Hand Lotion

Hands are usually the first area on the body to show age. Hands often look dry because of the exposure to harsh detergents, dirt, cold or hot temperatures. Hand lotions are the essential protection for hands. It protects them from drying out without feeling greasy or sticky.

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Most hand lotions contain aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil, vitamin A and vitamin C. These natural herbs and nutrients will quickly penetrate the skin, to relax and revive the dry areas. Hand lotions can also be used all over (except for on the face) to reduce the pain caused by serious skin irritations and sun burns. Like we said before, hand lotions will help to make your hands softer and treat dry skin.

People who are suffer from occupational abuse - examples are teachers (use chalks all the time), typists, construction workers and gardeners - need to use hand lotions to treat the hands and keep them from cracking. Apply hand lotion every time after you wash your hands to moisture the skin. Washing them too often can cause dryness and cracking. Let your hands air dry when there isn't a hand dyer or soft towels available, as harsh paper towels can cause irritations.

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