Foot Lotion

Despite nice sun tans, bikinis and flirty skits, summer fun includes cute sandals. This means that girls (and guys too) must expose their toes. If your feet have been jammed into socks and sneakers all year, you may want to buff up the sex appeal of your tootsies with foot lotion.

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Showing off your clean, healthy feet in toeless sandals is not only a cool feeling, it's also very sexy. However, feet are the most abused parts of the body. They need to be treated as well as the hands and the face. Foot lotions that contain peppermint, tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, cocoa butter or almond oil, help sooth foot pain caused by wearing uncomfortable shoes. If you're looking for relief, we suggest foot lotions that contain peppermint.

Foot LotionApply foot lotion by massaging the feet. The massaging motion will get blood circulating in the feet. It will also moisturize your feet and prevent further water loss from the skin's surface, so that feet will feel relaxed.

To keep your feet baby-soft, first soak your feet in warm water for at least 5 minutes and exfoliate the feet skin with a foot scrub. Dry the feet with a soft towel and use a foot file to get rid of the thick, dry or cracked calluses - especially on the sole and heel areas. Apply foot lotion to moisturize the feet. Finally, put on a pair of cotton socks to keep the feet hydrated. For those who suffer from excessively sweaty feet, wear shoes made from leather or canvas. Switching from sandals to shoes every other day will also let the feet breath and reduce the sweating.

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