Bubble Bath

Bubble BathsBubble baths aren't just for kids. A hot, relaxing bath is an excellent way to unwind after a hard day's work. The key ingredients that influence the skin when you take a bubble bath are essential oils.

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Essential oils have different aromatic effects depending on the herbs they contain. Lavender, rosewood and chamomile are the most common essential oils for creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere; while peppermint, lemon oil and green tea oil are effective for energizing the body. If you want a truly unique bath experience add some sliced oranges, lemons, flowers petals or citrus peels into the bath to soothe sore muscles and to heal bruises. If you can't afford to keep buying bubble bath (especially those of you with large families), consider making homemade bubble baths or buying your products wholesale.

However, bubble bath is not suitable for everybody. Pregnant women and those who have dry skin should avoid baths in hot water for lengthy periods. This is because most bubble baths contain ingredients that will dry the skin if you stay immersed in them for too long. The best way to avoid skin dehydration is to buy a bubble bath with aloe, honey or vitamin E in it. Bubble bath with these moisturizing ingredients will moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

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