Body Lotions

In a simple 3-step skin care regime that consists of clean, tone and moisturize - body lotions and creams play the final and most important role; which is to keep the skin hydrated.

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Compared to body creams, body lotions are more popular, but much lighter because they contain more water than oil. However, body lotions are not as effective as body creams in their ability to soothe the skin's dryness.

Gentle body lotions normally contain natural ingredients such as coconut, avocado, shea butter, emu oil or aloe vera. Their nutrients will quickly smooth and moisturize skin after application. To save money on these types of products, try purchasing large amounts at one time in wholesale.

Because of their non-greasy properties, many body lotions with PABA also double as sun protection. Body lotions are also a plus for those with oily skin and sensitive skin because they keep the skin hydrated without making the skin feel heavy or unclean.

Remember that different areas of our skin need various levels of hydration. For example, to minimize skin blemishes, such as stretch marks, you need to apply an enriched body cream (like St Ives products) to reduce their appearance.

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