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Stop ignoring your skin from the neck down

A major body skin care faux pas is ignoring your skin from the neck down. Women commonly focus on their face - especially as they age - because it's the first area of the skin to show any signs of aging. However the arms, legs, elbows, knees and feet can also develop unattractive rough patches, a dull, sallow color and a scaly alligator-like texture.

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The best defense against unattractive skin is moisture. This can be supplied in the shower or bath with a foaming body wash or hydrating bubble bath but don't forget to rinse with cold water (warm/hot water will dry out your skin), especially on your face.

Remember that your skin also requires re-hydration after your shower with a rich body lotion or a skin firming cream. Body creams and lotions are best applied fresh out of the shower or bath. The steam from the shower leaves the skin's pores open to absorbing all of the moisture-rich benefits of your body cream or body lotion. Healthy skin, all over your body, is less prone to dryness, itchiness, red blotches, painful cracks and rashes, acne and other irritations.

To soothe itchy, dry skin bathe in warm water mixed with bath salts. Additional ways to pamper those often abused areas of the body are with a moisturizing hand lotion, foot lotion or cuticle cream.

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