Yves Rocher Skin Care

Yves RocherYves Rocher, the world leader in botanical beauty care, believes that nature is the true source of beauty.

Back in 1958, to provide more job opportunities in his hometown of La Gacilly, Yves Rocher started his small cosmetic company in Brittany, France. Today, Yves Rocher customers are more than 30 million strong, all over the world.

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The Yves Rocher product catalogue includes women's cosmetic products - such as hair care, face and body care, sun protections, makeup, fragrance and anti-aging creams. It also includes a full product line specially designed for men and children as well. Candles and accessories are also produced to beautify the homes of Yves Rocher customers.

Although Yves Rocher products have over 150 active plant ingredients, they are environmentally aware. In the manufacturing of all Yves Rocher skin care products only the leaves, flowers or fruits are used, instead of the stems and roots. This is because these parts of a plant will grow back to be used again. To further protect our environment, Yves Rocher packs all of their products in single-material plastic packaging; which means the cap, bottle and label are all made of the same material, to facilitate recycling.

In addition, Yves Rocher was the first cosmetic manufacturer to offer eco-refills for skin care products.

Yves Rocher doesn't test any of its 100-percent natural French cosmetics on animals. A tube of Yves Rocher's MoistuRestore Day Cream (1.35-fluid-ounces) is approximately $10 online.

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