St. Ives Products

St.-IvesSt. Ives is a world's well-known Swiss skin care brand. Combined with Swiss natural glacial water and Swiss nourish botanicals, St. Ives is famous for its exfoliating facial cleansers and body washes, as well as its blackhead and blemish control products.

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In 1996, St. Ives Laboratories and its famous Swiss formula cosmetic products were acquired by cosmetic giant Alberto-Culver. With Alberto-Culver's guidance, St. Ives has developed many new anti-aging product lines.

St. Ives carries a variety of products, from hair care and facial care products to body washes and hand and body lotions. St. Ives skin care products have been clinically tested for allergic reactions and irritations, and the majority are safe to use on sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin.

St. Ives is proud of its botanically-based Swiss formula that minimizes skin irritants or sensitizers. In addition, St. Ives is the only skin care producer who provides a guarantee that its products will supply 200-percent more moisture for softer skin. If consumers are not satisfied with this guarantee, they are invited to contact the company's public relations via a toll free number.

St. Ives products are not tested on animals. Its most popular product is the apricot facial scrub; which costs approximately $3 per tub online.

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