RoC Skin Care

RoCRoC is a France-based skin care leader. It was founded in 1957 by a pharmacist named Jean-Charles Lissarrague. RoC began manufacturing its first hypoallergenic skin care products with the help of dermatologists. In recent decades, RoC discovered Retinol; a pure and stabilized form of vitamin A. This led to the development of Retinol Actif Pur.

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The RoC product line includes anti-wrinkle moisturizing creams and lotions, lift & firm moisturizers, anti-aging cleansers and multi-benefit moisturizers. In addition to the age-defying properties of retinol, RoC also uses soy as one of the major ingredients in its products. Soy is also renowned for its anti-aging properties.

RoC consumers rave about this brand's age diminishing moisturizers; which are clinically tested to erase age spots, minimize the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin tone. There's no doubt that RoC is one of the foremost brands on the list of anti-aging skin care experts. In addition to its popular anti-aging formulas, RoC also markets an array of cosmetic products - such as facial cleansers, hair care products and sun protection products.

As a member of the well known Johnson & Johnson family, RoC does utilize animal testing to scientifically develop good skin care products. The price of RoC products is quite steep, for example One Soya Unify - Unifying Daily Moisturizer (a 1.7-ounce, 50milileter bottle) costs about $50 online.

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