Nivea Skin Care

NiveaNivea was born thanks to founder Dr. Oscar Tropowitz. The original Nivea Crème was introduced as the first oil-in-water-based long-lasting cream in the world in 1911. The name of Nivea originates from the Latin word "nivis'; which means snow. The cream was thought to be named for its snowy white color. Nivea gained extreme popularity with women because of its lengthy shelf life. Prior to Nivea, skin creams were made primarily from animal and vegetable fat so they decomposed rapidly when the fats became rancid.

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Today, Nivea's product line offers hair care, facial care, body cleansers, shaving cream, deodorant, anti-wrinkle cream and skin firming cream, and cosmetic and sun care protection for both men and women. More than 98-percent of Nivea's ingredients are directly derived from nature. The mild protection that Nivea promises has made it famous in over 160 countries around the world.

All Nivea products are animal-friendly. They are dermatologically tested by 150 dermatological and cosmetic researchers, chemists and pharmacists. A small bottle of original Nivea crème costs approximately $6 online.

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