Neutrogena Skin Care

NeutrogenaNeutrogena is owned and operated by Johnson & Johnson; one of the world's leading personal health care manufacturers. J&J is a worldwide leader in high quality skin, hair and cosmetic products.

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Neutrogena carries a vast product line that includes every skin pampering product imaginable - from facial cleansers and moisturizers; to shampoos and conditioners. Neutrogena also manufactures body cleansers, body moisturizers, sun care products and makeup for a variety of skin types, as well as skincare products especially for men.

With its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Neutrogena formulates skin care products for all types of skin. However, its mild, non-greasy formula is of exceptional benefit to acne prone skin. Neutrogena uses retinol in its unique anti-wrinkle cream, skin clearing moisturizers and pore refining creams. Retinol is the purest form of vitamin A, which helps reduce fine lines and large pores.

Instead of testing its products on animals, Neutrogena focuses only on ingredients that have been proven historically safe. Therefore, Neutrogena products can be safely evaluated by humans. However, Johnson & Johnson, Neutrogena's owner, does conduct animal testing on its own umbrella of products.

Compared to other leading skin care brands on the market, Neutrogena products are priced reasonably. Neutrogena's new hand creams with SPF 15 protection (2.7-ounces) cost approximately $7 online per bottle.

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