Keri Skin Care

KeriKeri is well known for its ultra hydrating, water-based moisture therapy lotion. Designed for various types of skin, Keri has a vast product line; all which work dramatically to soothe and heal dry skin, sensitive skin and itchiness caused by various weather irritations.

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Keri recently produced a new, botanically enriched line of body lotions and body washes for all skin types. The most common ingredients found in Keri body washes and lotions are all from natural sources - including aloe Vera, cucumber, chamomile, honey, oat straw extracts, avocado, chestnut, cactus flower, oat straw extracts and vitamin E. These plants and herbal extracts calm and nourish delicate skin. They can also revitalize and rebalance extremely dry skin.

Keri botanicals and original products are highly recommended for use on sensitive skin, because they're 100-percent fragrance-free, lanolin free and dye free. Keri lotions are also animal-friendly. One big bottle of Keri original softly scented lotion (580 milliliters) is approximately $12 online.

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