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JergensFor over one hundred years, Jergens products have been helping women of all ages attain smooth, soft and beautiful skin. Jergens first joined the soap-cosmetics industry as a small soap works manufacturer in 1882. The company was founded by Andrew Jergens Sr. and neighbor Charles H. Geilfus. Geilfus grew up and worked with Jergens in a small soap business in 1880, two years later he became Jergens' business partner.

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The Andrew Jergens Company was originally named The Jergens Soap Company. Its original product was coconut oil soap. In 1901 Jergens purchased the John H. Woodbury Company; a very popular purveyor of Woodbury Facial Soap, and the Robert Eastman Company; who manufactured a line of creams and lotions. The union of three cosmetic corporations resulted in the making the original Jergens Lotion. If you're looking for older Jergen's products from a few years back and can't seem to find any, you may want to research the product online (or consult with a company representative) to make sure the products you're looking for aren't discontinued.

Jergens continued to expand and sell its number one selling hand lotion throughout America during the 1950s, 60s and 70s. But in 1970, American Brand (better known as Sheseido) bought Jergens. After ten years, Jergens was again acquired, this time by the KAO Corporation of Japan in their hopes of breaking into the U.S. market.

Today Jergens, once a small soap works business, has grown into a cosmetic giant, manufacturing its top-selling hand lotions, facial soaps, hand soaps, body cleansers and facial moisturizers throughout North America. The price of Jergens' products is budget. A bottle of Jergens original cherry almond scented lotion (15-fluid-ounces) starts at approximately $5 online.

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