Aveeno Skin Care

AveenoAveeno, the leader in Active Naturals technology, can trace its history back to 1945. It was this year that Aveeno introduced a product called Soothing Bath Treatment. Dermatologists and pediatricians have been prescribing this same product to ease skin irritations for over 60 years.

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As time passed, Aveeno became a pioneer in the study of natural skin care ingredients. Oatmeal, soy, lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang are common ingredients in Aveeno's skin care products, as these naturally prevent the skin from itchiness and dryness caused by sunburn, eczema or poison ivy.

Aveeno is also a favorite among those with dry and sensitive skin, due to its calm, mild and effective properties. As a result, Aveeno products are some of the most reputable products in skin care.

Aveeno products are very affordable to purchase at any drug store. One bottle of Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing lotion (12-ounces) costs approximately $8 online.

Aveeno and its line of oatmeal skin care products were purchased by Johnson & Johnson in 1999. One year later, Aveeno expended its product line to include new gentle moisturizing baby products with natural ingredients.

Johnson & Johnson is a popular manufacturer of cosmetics and even though Aveeno products are marketed as "animal friendly", Johnson & Johnson does conduct animal testing.

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