Skin Tags

A skin tag is a common benign tumor that grows attached to the skin. Usually skin tags don't cause any severe skin problems. They are only troublesome if they are irritated.

Among medical professionals a skin tag is known as a "cutaneous papilloma" or an "acrochordon". The size of a skin tag can be as small as a mole or bigger than a golf ball. They frequently form as smooth, flat or slightly raised, skin-colored pieces on the eyelids, chin, and neck, on the upper chest or beneath the chest, under the armpits and in the groin region.

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Skin tags naturally appear as people age. They are very common on people over 60-years-of-age. Studies have shown that women have more of a chance of developing skin tags than men. Women are particularly prone to skin tags during menopause and during pregnancy. They are also believed to be hereditary. So, if you're mother experienced skin tags; chances are that you will develop them as well.

Thus far, there is no known way to prevent skin tags from developing. Once you have skin tags, they are permanent, but due to their harmless nature they are purely a cosmetic concern for most people. Cumbersome skin tags can be surgically removed by a doctor who will either freeze and remove them or electrically burn them off at the stalk.

If you have skin tags on your face or chest be careful not to get them caught in your clothing. Tearing a skin tag can cause it to bleed and become infected.

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