Razor Burn

Razor burn is a painful skin condition that has men and women hiding their legs, bikini lines, faces and necks. Razor burn is caused by shaving roughly with a razor. It appears in red patches and lasts from several hours to a few days - depending on the harshness of your razor abuse. Razor burn commonly occurs after shaving sensitive areas like the underarms, bikini lines, beard, neck and chest.

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There are dozens reasons why razor burn occurs; however, improper shaving or shaving in a rush is #1. Other grounds for razor burn include shaving with a dull blade; shaving without shaving gel; shaving too closely; and applying too much pressure while shaving.

When you shave improperly, the hair is pushed back into the hair follicle so that inflammation occurs and ingrown hairs develop. Ingrown hairs make the razor burnt area itchy and painful to the touch.

To avoid razor burn, soften your hair with warm water prior to shaving. This is why shaving while or right after showering or bathing is recommended. Apply a moisturizing shaving gel after shaving. This will re-hydrated and re-moisten the skin.

Tips to avoid the burn:
  • Never shave against the direction of your hair's growth.
  • Never perform a rush job. This leaves you vulnerable to cuts, nicks and skin inflammations.
  • Never perform a dry shave. Always use shaving cream or gel.
  • Apply an after-shave treatment that contains natural, mild products such as witch hazel, mild salicylic acid solutions, vitamin E and aloe vera. These ingredients soothe the burning and get rid of redness.

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