Irritated Skin

Skin irritation is a common skin problem labeled as sensitive skin. It's not serious, but it's bothersome. Irritated skin can include red, dry, chapped, itchy, flaky and painfully cracked skin due to the trigger factors. When irritated skin is cut, punctured or bumped, bacteria from exterior sources can infect the skin and cause inflammation.

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Skin irritations often occur on the most exposed areas of the skin - such as the eyelids, cheeks, lips and hands. Those with easily-irritated skin usually suffer worse in winter, because the skin tends to become weak and sensitive when exposed to the extremes of dehydrating indoor heating; then outdoor frigid wind and harmful sun rays. Poor shaving practices also cause skin irritations as well. Chaffing, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs are common.

Despite your expectant glow, irritated skin and blemishes occur quite frequently during pregnancy. Depending on the pollutants in the environment, hormone changes and other severe conditions - such as eczema - irritated skin can be a life-long battle.

Advice for individuals with irritated skin includes:

  • Avoid taking hot baths or shower for long periods.
  • Use a mild, fragrant-free facial cleanser.
  • Apply an oil-free moisturizer that is enrich in natural essential oils such as chamomile, beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin C and E to complete a skin care regime.
  • Never pick up, squeeze or scratch at any spots on the irritated skin to avoid further skin damage.

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