Next time you peel an orange inspect the texture of the peel. Does it look familiar? Cellulite is the term that refers to this kind of uneven skin surface. The unevenness is caused by the accumulation of dimpled fat on certain areas - especially the thighs, hips, buttocks, breasts and abdomen.

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Cellulite appears in as many as 90-percent of all women. Men don't suffer from cellulite as harshly as women do because their fat, muscle and connective fatty tissues are distributed differently. Cellulite not only afflicts overweight individuals; it also appears on the skin of thin women and those of average size. Cellulite can affect anyone, including celebrities.

Cellulite occurs when enlarged fat cells press upon the related tissue and affect the skin's smoothness and firmness. Like other fat, or fat cells, cellulite reacts most effectively to calorie-restriction. Any stored cellulite will burn off when calories are cut. However the fat cells are still present, ready to refill if calories resume their excess levels.

Lucky for us, it's believed that a low-fat diet combined with exercise and certain dietary supplements can prevent and reverse cellulite. In addition, certain raw foods - such as sprouts, salads, cabbage, wheatgrass and hot lemon water - are recommended as detoxifying agents because they are rich in bioflavonoids (the natural pigments in fruits and vegetables). These are believed to efficiently strengthen capillary vessels and prevent the damage of skin tissues.

There are a multitude of cellulite creams on the market. These are massaged into the skin in the hopes that the skin can be firmed. A skin brush (approximately $10 online) is also believed to stimulate blood and lymph flow to improve skin's texture. Either of these methods combined with daily exercise (for example a 45-minute brisk walk every day) and a healthy diet is the most effective way to burn excess cellulite.

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