Top 5 Gift Sets for Men

Help him achieve healthier skin

Men are notoriously hard to buy for during the holiday season, especially men who seemingly already have everything. However, what a lot of men don't have are great skin care products. Grooming kits make terrific gifts that last all year long!

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Clean Start Kit

The Anthony Logistics for Men A Clean Start Kit is the perfect gift for the man who has yet to establish a good skin care regimen. This kit contains everything a man would need to start a routine, including a glycolic facial cleanser to prepare the skin for shaving with aloe, glycolic acid and vitamins; facial scrub to exfoliate the skin; shave cream; after shave balm to soothe the skin; and lip balm. These products all contain natural ingredients to nourish the skin. This kit is priced at $40.

Shave in a Bag

The Jack Black Shave in a Bag Gift Pack contains all the shaving products a man could need in a convenient bag for home or travel. First up is the Face Buff Energizing Scrub, with menthol and vitamin C to clear away dead skin cells prior to shaving. Following that, this bag includes the Beard Lube Conditioning shave (which acts as a pre-shave oil), shaving cream and skin conditioner, as well as Post Shave Cooling Gel to relieve irritation after shaving. This gift pack is priced at $44.

Clarins Paris

The Clarins Paris Clarinsmen Starter Kit contains simple yet luxurious products for complete skin care at an affordable price. It contains Active Face Scrub, Moisture Balm, Active Hand Care and Total Wrinkle Control, all in travel sizes. This kit is priced at $37.50.

Zirh Travel

The Zirh Travel Basics kit is the ultimate travel pack for any man. It contains travel-sized versions of Zirh's facial cleanser, shaving gel, post-shave solution and conditioning shampoo. Products are fortified with natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, and are contained in a lightweight travel bag. This kit is priced at $34.

Zirh Travel

Anthony Logistics Essentials Starter Kit contains just about every product a man could need to start a proper skin care routine. This kit includes a glycolic facial cleanser, shave cream, facial moisturizer, body cleansing gel, lip balm and glycerin hand and body lotion, all contained in a storage case. These products are formulated with vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients. This kit is priced at $40.

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