Wrinkles are an unfortunate side effect of aging. Regardless of your best defenses, you will one-day be the victim of wrinkles. However, early prevention is your best hope of fending them off.

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Typically, one's skin condition starts to plateau around the age of 25 - it's all down hill from there! During the mid- to late-twenties the epidermis starts producing less collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, less elastic and has trouble getting and retaining enough moisture to keep its once effortless glow. Meanwhile, fatty tissues - which provide suppleness - in the skin's subcutaneous layer - also begin to disappear. As a result the epidermis starts to sag. That's basically how wrinkles and fine lines form.

Regardless of the amount time you spend basking in the sun, there are several other factors that promote wrinkling. They include uncontrollable factors such as heredity, gravity, pale skin tone and the amount of hair coverage on the skin, as well as controllable factors such as sun exposure, diet and smoking cigarettes.

Fine lines and deep furrows are the two most prevalent types of wrinkles. They first occur on thin parts of the body - such as the face, arms, neck and the backs of the hand - where sun exposure hits at its maximum.

Therefore, the best way to prolong wrinkles, hands down, is by applying sunscreen with 15 SPF, or higher, to block harmful UV rays each and every day. A variety of facial firming creams, tightening creams and anti-aging creams are available online and at your local drugstore to aid you in your fight against fine lines and gravity. For removing deeper folds, aggressive cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, collagen injections and face lifts can be a consideration under doctor recommendation.

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