Skin Tightening Cream

As we age, we envy the younger versions of ourselves for their firm faces, tight abdominals and especially for their rock hard butts. Skin tightening creams are firming products, designed to help people look younger by increasing the elasticity and resilience of their skin.

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Skin tightening creams are applied to reduce the appearance of loose skin and dimply skin texture known as "cottage cheese" by discarding excess water and breaking down fat cells without damaging the surface of the skin. Ascorbic acid (or vitamin C) is the key ingredient used in skin tightening creams. Studies surrounding ascorbic acid have reported its ability to speed up the activities of skin cells, encouraging collagen production.

After approximately 2 weeks of application, skin firming manufacturers claim the skin's structure will become stronger and skin texture more smooth. Skin tightening products are available for every area that may require attention - such as eye creams for bags, facial creams for wrinkles and loose jowls, anti-cellulite creams for firming the entire body or the breasts, abdominals, hips and buttocks specifically.

Although much speculation surrounds the price (ranging from $20 to hundreds of dollars) versus the results of skin tightening creams, many users swear that they do smooth wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sagging skin and fat dimples.

Normally, skin tightening creams are applied at night, before you go to bed, so that the cream is able to work its full effect on the skin. Six to 8 hours of sleep is recommended to give the cream adequate time to penetrate skin, without interruption or movement.

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