Detoxification of Skin Cells

Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body. It neutralizes or transforms cells by cleansing any excess mucus, toxins or congestion.

In addition to the liver and kidneys, skin acts as a protective barrier by absorbing up to 60-percent of the chemicals found in skin care products. When toxins make contact with the skin they penetrate directly into the bloodstream.

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Skin ages due to deteriorated lymphatic circulation and bad vascular conditions. By minimizing the amount of chemicals in your body, your skin will be rejuvenated more efficiently.

A healthy diet is the first step to maintaining smooth, supple, firm and moisturized skin. If you suffer from an uneven complexion caused by acne and blemishes it's likely due to toxins that have been absorbed by your skin and bloodstream. By adopting a healthy diet you will notice that your skin's detoxification from the inside out - almost instantly.

Detoxification is not as complicated as it sounds. Begin cleansing your body by drinking lots of water and fresh juices, made from 100-percent fruits and vegetables. Also, set a goal to eat a well-balanced diet containing whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and essential fatty acids (usually found in nuts and certain types of oily fish). Toxins are found in harmful fats - such as foods and drinks high in sugar, butter, salt and foods that are overly-processed.

If you're not getting the skin vitamins you need, supplements might be an option. However, before adding any supplement to your diet, consult with your doctor. Exercising regularly is also a vital way to live and look young for longer. As detoxification occurs, exfoliate your dead skin cells with a daily exfoliating cleanser.

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