Collagen Injections

Those looking to take years of their aged skin often submit their faces to collagen injections. Collagen injections can give you that sultry Angelina Jolie pout you've always wanted. Celebrities often undergo collagen lip injections for fuller, bee-stung lips.

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Collagen is a natural protein that provides texture, shape and pliability to the skin, muscles, tendons and bones. Injecting collagen can replace deteriorating skin, amend the appearance of your skin's texture, fill out deep facial wrinkles, saggy cheeks, and mend scars and other skin depressions on the neck, chest and back.

Injectable collagen, or fat, can be combined with other anti-aging treatments - including laser treatments or facelifts - to achieve the desired result. The collagen is injected through a fine needle inserted in at a number of points along the edge of the treated area. During the series of injections you will feel a little stinging or burning if anesthesia isn't applied. Suffering an allergic reaction is the biggest risk of collagen. Therefore, before treatment a skin test is required to determine you're sensitive to collagen.

The plumpening results of collagen injections aren't permanent. Injected collagen will eventually be absorbed and metabolized by your body, so the effects can be as short-lived as a few weeks, but it has been known to last up to a year - depending on to your age, gender, skin quality and lifestyle. In general, the injected collagen disappears faster in areas that are more affected by muscle movement - so for example your face, around the eyes and mouth.

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