Light Therapy

Acne light therapy is a recent addition to the treatment options available for clearing up severe acne.

During this therapy, acne is exposed to red and blue light; which in turn attacks the bacteria in the acne underneath of the skin's surface. The light aggressively acts on "porphyrin", a by-product of bacteria's metabolism. Porphyrins are natural molecules that are sensitive to light. When blue and red light comes into contact with porphyrins in the sebaceous glands, they are trapped and unable to produce oxygen. As a result, bacteria are suffocated and pimples die.

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It's believed that a combination of blue and red light therapy is the most effective treatment for severe acne. This mixture of colored light not only attacks bacteria traveling to the acne, but it also promotes the skin's healing process.

Patients with moderate or severe acne expose their skin to the lights for 15-minutes each day. After 2 weeks many patients report a slight improvement. After 3 months, patients report a 75-percent decrease in the number of visible spots on the targeted area.

Light therapy is painless and harmless as it contains no traces of damaging ultra violet (UV) light. There are no drugs required for this non-invasive procedure to be performed and it's safe for people of all ages. One drawback is that light therapy is costly, at approximately $50 per session (total number of sessions depend on the severness of acne), but initial results have been reported as outstanding. However, the effects of light therapy have, in some cases, only lasted up to four months.

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