Laser Technology

Laser technology, or laser therapy, is a painless acne surgery that's intended to smooth irregular acne scars and tighten the underlying skin tissue. Laser therapy has also been recommended for lessening any trace of skin redness around healed acne lesions.

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During acne laser therapy, various wavelengths of light are used - including blue, purple and red violet. Their intensity is carefully adjusted to suit the skin's tolerance. The laser will remove the layers of damaged skin, and in addition, provide the opportunity for new and healthy skin cells to form. As a result skin should eventually generate a smoothly and even skin tone. However, there is no guarantee of long-term effectiveness and laser therapy sometimes yields disappointing results.

Laser technology and light therapy are commonly recommended by dermatologists to treat hard-to-reach areas - such as the back. It's possible to see permanent positive results after merely one treatment. However, redness may remain for several months after the procedure.

As with any medicinal acne treatment, it's important to leave laser therapy to a professional physician. Inconsistent laser application can cause potential burning and permanent damage to the skin's texture, so ask for your doctor's credentials and don't agree to any form of treatment unless you feel fully confident in their abilities.

Laser technology is quite expensive (starting at $400 to as high as $ 2000 per session), but cost is usually determined on a one-on-one basis after the doctor determines the severeness of the acne.

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