Body Acne

Body acne is common on the chest, back, shoulders and even on the buttocks of many unlucky people.

Sweat and tight-fitting clothing are two of the most common reasons why many physically active people are plagued by body acne. Tight-fitting workout clothing - such as spandex - traps sweat against the skin and allows it to mix with body oils.

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In addition to sweat, body acne can be caused by sunscreens and hair products that drip down onto the face, neck and back. As a result, the pores become clogged and blemishes are caused ranging from whiteheads to pimples and pustules.

Any type of irritation will make your body acne worse. Backpacks and purse straps can rub against your back and shoulder acne and aggravate it further. You can easily avoid developing body acne by showering right after taking part in physical activity. It's also wise to change your clothing regularly to decrease the risk of acne developing on your back.
Unlike facial acne, body acne is more resistant to treatment as it's difficult to reach. Besides, the skin on the body skin is thicker then the skin on the face so the irritation, dirt and oil causing acne can sink even deeper. To keep the acne on your body under control, wash your body daily with a salicylic-acid based body wash. It can kill the bacteria that causes acne and protect your skin from inflammation.

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