Acne Strips

Ewwwwwwww! Despite the unsightly fragments of blackened dirt and debris they extract from your pores, acne strips, also called pore strips, are one of the most popular acne fighting products on the market - especially with teens.

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Acne strips work by removing unwanted dirt and blackheads with their special adhesive abilities. They are commonly applied on the face - particularly the nose. Their acne-fighting formula soaks into the pores; while harmless glue adheres to sebum plugs and draws out clogging oil, dirt and debris.

Apply an acne strip firmly to your skin when the skin's surface is still damp. This is most effective after a shower or facial cleansing. Approximately15-minutes after application, the strip will turn dry and harden. Simply peel off the strip to lift the grime and excess oil completely from your pores.

If you have sensitive skin, precautions should be taken as the glue from acne strips can damage and irritate your skin. To protect your skin, acne strips are not recommended for use any more than once per week. Applying the strips too often can cause skin redness and inflammation. In addition, the pores will get used to the pulling action and become enlarged. For your best pore cleansing results, after removing the strip wash your face with a gentle antibacterial cleanser and cold water. This will clean your skin and shrivel your pores.

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