Acne Scars

Acne scars are the unsightly marks that acne leaves in its wake. Acne scars occur when one picks and pops pimples causing open wounds. Scarring is often left behind once the skin has healed.

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Acne scars are often conspicuous on the face and back, so it's no wonder that they cause cosmetic concern. There are two common types of acne scarring, each defined by skin tissue's reaction to inflammation. The first type of acne scarring is caused by increased tissue shaping; while the second is acne scars caused by loss of skin tissue.

Scars associated with loss of skin tissue include ice pick scars, atrophic scars and keloid scars.

Ice pick scars usually appear on the cheeks. They are pitted scars that can vary from shallow to deep, with hard or soft texture.

Atrophic scars refer to the flat, thin scars on the face. Atrophic scars can be a centimeter or larger in length and appear anywhere on the body.

Keloid scars, also known as hypertrophic scars, are lumpy thick scars that can occur on the chest or back of an acne-prone individual.

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