Acne Creams

Acne creams and gels are usually the first choice to treat mild to severe acne. Acne creams are designed to fight existing blemishes, as well as to diminish the frequency of potential breakouts.

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Most acne creams contain benzoyl peroxide; an ingredient that helps clear obstinate and re-occurring blemishes. Benzoyl peroxide also unblocks bacteria-filled pores, controls sebum glands and reduces redness to improve the overall look and texture of acne prone skin. But remember that benzoyl peroxide can dry the skin rapidly, so it should only be used on existing blemishes as a spot treatment. In addition, benzoyl peroxide can make skin extremely sensitive to sunlight. So applying a sunscreen in conjunction with acne cream is recommended.

Some acne creams combine both medicinal and natural ingredients - such as tea tree oil - to form a unique antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.

Recently, acne gels have also become preferred over acne creams for their subtleness. Acne gels are formulated to provide a clear protective barrier around pimples. They seal in salicylic acid and form an invisible shield that can be covered up with daily moisturizers and makeup. As a result, acne gels can effectively fight acne all day long without ever being noticed.

Be aware; never use acne creams or gels on broken skin. Acne-prone skin is already sensitive to irritation and in severe cases the harshness of an acne cream or gel on vulnerable broken skin can leave acne scarring.

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