Naturally Clear

Naturally ClearNaturally Clear uses a purely natural combination of ingredients in all of its acne-fighting skin care products.

The Naturally Clear product line includes cleansing foams and scrubs, facial sprays, blemish sticks and oral acne-fighting Vitamin supplements. Probably it's most popular product, the Naturally Clear Cleansing Foam, is soap-free, oil-free and hypo-allergenic - perfect for the most sensitive skin. Thanks to these properties, Naturally Clear is effective at buffing away excess oil and dirt from your face without over-drying the skin. Naturally Clear scrub, contains Nature's own ingredients such as crushed walnut shells and apricot kernel oil, along with aloe vera and NaPCA. These ingredients moisturize and re-hydrated and exfoliate the skin simultaneously.

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Naturally Clear has also formulated a topical spray that provides a gentle, amino-acid-based shield to keep your face healthy and protected from environmental irritants. The key ingredients in Naturally Clear's Topical Spray are niacinamide and aloe vera. Niacinamide, a demonstrated anti-inflammation, works effectively to reduce redness and soothing pimples; while aloe vera moisturizes naturally.

Another top-seller, Naturally Clear's Oral Multi Vitamin, works to cleanse the body inside and out by supporting and maintaining skin nutrients. Consumption of this oral vitamin; combined with using a Naturally Clear Blemish Stick Spot Treatment; can decrease the appearance of blemishes and re-condition your skins texture.

Naturally Clear acne treatment products are about average in price. A bottle of Naturally Clear Acne Exfoliating Scrub (6-ounces) is approximately $12 online.

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