ClearasilClearasil, the first effective acre medication, was invented by Ivan Combe in New York, in 1950. Clearasil was originally designed to fight the clogged pores of teenagers.

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In 1959, a marketing campaign for Clearasil was formally launched in the U.S. Two years later, Combe sold the Clearasil product line to Richardson-Vicks, a consumer-based pharmaceutical company. Recently, in 2005, Boots Healthcare International, a UK-based company, purchased Clearasil from Procter & Gamble.

Today, Clearasil remains a strong name compared to other acne medication in 64 countries. Its product line includes daily cleansers, astringent cleansing pads and topical acne treatment creams. Clearasil also has a well formulated line for men and for those with sensitive skin.

Clearasil's dermatologist -tested formula treats acne bacteria on contact. Many Clearasil products contain triclosan or salicylic acid as the primary ingredient. These acne-fighters work effectively to wipe out pimples and shrink the pores. This is the reason why Clearasil Deep Clean Cleanser can work for up to 12 hours to intensively minimize blackheads. Clearasil does conduct animal testing.

A tube of Clearasil Daily Face Wash (6.5-ounces) starts at $5 online.

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